Book An Appointment Online


The practice operates a telephone consultation service. This means you can speak to the doctor or nurse by telephone or video either in the morning or afternoon on the day you call the practice.  Advance appointments can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance. If the doctor or nurse need to see you face to face then they make the arrangements with you directly. You will be advised to come to the practice as close to the appointment time as possible and to wear a face covering.

To make a telephone consultation appointment please telephone the practice or ask at reception. Alternatively you may book telephone consultation appointments and some nurse appointments online using this link. New users are required to make an account please contact the surgery to set your account up. Patients have a right to express a preference of GP, but this may not always be possible for appointments booked on the day or in the case of emergencies.

Doctors and Advance Nurse Practitioners

You can see any doctor or advance nurse practitioner within the practice however please appreciate that it might not always be possible to see the one of your choice due to workload and other commitments.  

Appointments can be made over the telephone or over the internet through the practice website. You will however have to register at the practice first before you can use this facility.

Each appointment is for one person only with one complaint. If you have a number of concerns that you need to discuss,  further appointment time will be necessary. Please advise reception of your needs when booking your appointment.

The patient service advisor’s are responsible for managing the allocation of the appointments and to do this effectively they will ask for details.  The patient service advisor needs only the briefest detail to be able to direct patients to the most suitable clinician (Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse, Health Care Assistant, First Contact Physio).

Practice Nurses

All nursing appointments can be booked in advance. If you require a same day appointment please ring as close to then as possible.  

Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical pharmacists work as part of the general practice team to improve value and outcomes from medicines and consult with and treat patients directly. This includes providing extra help to manage long-term conditions, advice for those on multiple medicines and better access to health checks.

Social Prescriber

Social prescribing is a means of enabling GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals to refer patients to look at their overall wellbeing holistically to enable them to start to feel empowered and to self manage/self care. Social prescribing works with a wide range of people, including: With one or more long-term condition(s) who does not have complex health needs, Who needs support with their mental health, Who are lonely or isolate, Who have complex social needs which is impacting on their wellbeing. Click here for a short video explaining social prescribing.

First Contact Physio

A first contact physio (FCP) is a physiotherapist who is professionally qualified to treat patients without a referral from a GP or other healthcare professional. FPCs provide the first point of contact whereby those who visit a GP for a musculoskeletal (MSK) problem will instead have an appointment with an FCP physiotherapist.

Frailty Nurse

The Specialist Frailty Nurse aims to take a proactive approach to providing person centered care, supporting some of the practices more vulnerable patients. Focusing on the patients who predominantly do not have other services regularly involved and are at increasing risk. Their aim is to offer improved care based on advanced planning around diet, balance and lifestyle and ensuring you have relevant support and equipment in place to help you age well. Alongside the frailty nurse there is a multidisciplinary team who meet on a weekly basis and will look at all aspects of your health and social needs from medication review to social engagement. The Frailty Nurse will help co-ordinate support from other agencies if required and can create individualized care plans focusing on your needs and what matters to you. We hope that this support will improve your care and reduce GP visits and appointments, reduce hospital admissions and length of stay. We aim to reduce falls and improve prescribing of medications. If you feel you would benefit from some support from the frailty nurse have a chat with your GP who will assess your eligibility.

Training Practice

The Practice is an approved training practice.  From time to time we will have GP Registrars attached to the practice. (GP Registrars are fully registered doctors, training to be a GP).They will offer appointments in the same way as the other clinical staff.

On occasion the Registrars are required to video their consultations to enable them to reflect, with their mentor, on their performance and to produce evidence for their examination. The patients themselves are not videoed.  You will be asked if you would agree to this and if so, to sign a form of consent.  If you would prefer not to participate, you are entitled to make this clear to the doctor.

Services we offer

SMS reminder service: if you would like to participate simply notify the practice of your mobile number. Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot make an appointment. By telling us in good time that you cannot keep an appointment, it enables us to offer your appointment to somebody else. This helps us to reduce waiting times and missed appointments.

Chaperone: All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any consultation. Please request this at the time of booking in or speak to your GP.